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Recent Posts
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Mark on NEWS: Two Chefs Down -- A Tough Week for the San Diego Food Scene: Not heard anything of either o
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Paula Hansen on SAN DIEGO: On Time Travel and a Pop-Up 50th: Hello, I just found this toda

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About SD Food & Travel

The SD Food & Travel blog is, as its name suggests, about food and travel and also about San Diego.  Although the blog came to life in early 2011 it has been in the works for nearly a decade.  It is the brainchild of Nancy and Michael Gardiner.
Michael Gardiner

Michael Aaron Gardiner is the blog’s primary writer.  He is also a licensed California attorney living in San Diego, California with his wife and, when she’s not at College, their 19 year old daughter, Gwendolyn.  A graduate of Amherst College and the University of Wisconsin School of Law, Gardiner practices business law and litigation during the day and cooks and writes by night.

Gardiner is the regular weekly food writer for San Diego CityBeat, an alternative weekly with a weekly circulation of 50,000 and the primary writer for the San Diego Food & Travel Blog, www.sdfoodtravel.com.  Gardiner is also the regular monthly food writer for L’Chaim San Diego Magazine and the author of Kosher Fusion:  The Rebirth of a Tradition for the Modern Kitchen, a book applying the lessons of contemporary, high-end fusion cuisine to traditional Jewish dietary laws in order to forge a new Kosher tradition in the modern Jewish home kitchen.  Gardiner is currently looking for a publisher for the book, so if you happen to be a publisher please contact him immediately.

Gardiner has staged in various high end restaurant kitchens in the region and– when court hearings do not interfere — cooks in the kitchen of Special Delivery San Diego where he is responsible for turning out 150 “covers” as well as designing the vegetarian cuisine (a natural for a Kosher chef).  Working out of the kitchen at San Diego’s Huddle Restaurant, Special Delivery cooks and delivers fresh, homemade and nutritious meals to over 150 individuals and families — most of whom are homebound, living with AIDS, cancer or other critical illnesses — five days a week throughout the San Diego community.

In his spare time Gardiner — a former National Champion Australian Rules Football player, competitive bicycle racer and professional soccer coach — enjoys riding his bike by the coast.  He does not have much in the way of spare time.

Nancy Gardiner

Nancy Gardiner is the primary photographer for the blog.  She is a Water Resources professional (currently a Vice President and Shareholder at Haley & Aldrich), runner, downhill and cross-country skier, soccer player, and amateur photographer with a love of world travel and cooking.  She holds an A.B. degree in Geology from Smith College and an M.S. in Hydrogeology form the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  She met her husband, Michael, early in her graduate school career at Madison, and together they have honed their mutual penchants for food, sports, and travel over the past 25 years. Nancy and Michael have a 19-year old daughter, Gwendolyn, who is a Freshman at Oberlin College in Ohio.  Gwendolyn  already exhibits tendencies to share her parents’ love of travel, soccer, and food.  She is also clearly the best photographer in the family and resents this blog being referred to as her parents’ “brainchild.” They have 2 Burmese cats (Nickie and Alexi) and reside in San Diego, California.

El Fabio is a contributing writer, a practicing attorney in San Diego, spends his free time traveling, learning new languages and trying out new and unusual delicacies worldwide. Included in El Fabio’s SDF&T portfolio will be coverage of the vibrant Tijuana food scene.